Amsterdam Nuru Massage
Ultimate Amsterdam Erotic Massage

Amsterdam Nuru Massage

Amsterdam Nuru Massage - Top Erotic Masaage in Amsterdam

Many have heard about the Amsterdam Nuru Massage and its erotic characteristics. With such a reputation this erotic massage has over the years become arguably the most famous sexual massage ever.

Unlike other erotic massages, the Nuru Massage is quite unique. This is because of both how its executed and the overall sensation it produces. Many would argue that it’s not as sensual as the Tantra Massage but few would deny its raw sexual appeal.

For those that are unfamiliar with the Nuru Massage allow us to break its core components down. Firstly, the Nuru Masseuse typically uses a special gel which allows for two bodies to move frictionlessly against each other. The second component and this may vary from place to place is some type of waterproof mattress. Using the Nuru gel with the mattress the masseuse covers both her and the clients with the gel. Once there is sufficient lubrication the masseuse is able to glide her body over the clients. If the masseuse is skillful she will be able to move effortlessly between various positions all in aid of arousing her customer.

Nuru Massages are not ideal for outcall massage services. This is because of the specialized conditions which are required in order to perform the massage.

At Amsterdam Erotic Massage we will often recommend the Tantra Massage or Body to Body Massage as a good alternative for most men. Even though these other erotic massages are not the same, for most customers they have enough of the important characteristics which men are looking for, that being, naked girls and sexual arousal.

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